I’m Cathy and I’m what some may call a late-bloomer. I’ve ventured through many areas in my life until I found my passion, and that’s what I want to talk about – the importance of your passion.  

We all have something that sparks us. I’ve always been ensconsed in the food and media world.  First it was in publishing & publicity for cookbooks and cookbook authors; working on their media and book tours. I attended culinary school, worked with a food stylist, and briefly worked on a food tv show. I keep looking for the food area that gave me that “spark.” It wasn’t until I was home recuperating from surgery did I take my first online food photo class with my iPhone (oh, that ability for great picture does the iPhone have!) Once I picked up my camera and from the first click, I found my passion. 

In the last two years, I continued to take classes (and still do), because your creative side always needs to improve (I think!). I’ve studied natural light and artificial light. I learned to shoot in light & airy, dark & moody, and as still-life mode. I’ve become part of a marvelous community with people around the world lending encourageement and support. Two of my favorite sites to take classes are: https://www.learnphood.com and https:/www.evakosmasflores.com

Your passion can be your work and that’s a fabulous thing. Find you passion and work on it, improve, and keep improving. I hope you’ll vist www.cathyleegruhn.com and follow along on my journey.

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